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Articles of Incorporation (1963)
Bylaws - [Last Revision - November, 2014] (Acrobat .PDF)
Membership Application (Acrobat .PDF)

General Membership Information
Choctaw Country Club was incorporated in 1963 as a non-stock, not-for-profit corporation, with the mission of providing a place of recreation for the citizens of the surrounding area.

All members shall observe the rules of the club. Proper attire shall be observed. It is the responsibility of each individual golfer to know the Rules of Golf and observe proper etiquette while on the course and on the grounds. This includes dress, language and behavior. Members will be expected to keep their accounts up-to-date. Members will be expected not to bring food and beverage that is made available for sale at the club. Members are encouraged to buy their golf equipment and supplies at the club when it is feasible. Support of the club insures its future existance.

Choctaw Country Club does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race or religion, but does reserve the right to deny or discontinue a membership for behavior and/or account payment histories.

Keep in mind that although Choctaw Country Club is owned by its membership, it is still a business and will be operated like a business.
Individual/Family Memberships
Applications for Individual or Family memberships may be obtained from the Pro Shop Manager/Professional in the Pro Shop or may be printed from this Link. The person making application for membership must be at least 18 years of age. An applicant's spouse and any dependents under the age of 23 are included in the membership. Dependents over the age of 23 with disabilities that do not allow them to live independently are also included.

The application must be filled out completely and be accompanied by an up-front initiation fee of $125 and the first month's dues, currently $92.75 tax included. Dues will be paid in advance each month. Upon Board of Directors approval, the new member is granted full priviledges.

Priviledges include use of golf course, driving range, practice facilities, swimming pool (in season) and clubhouse. The member may also bring a privately-owned golf cart for use while playing. There is currently no golf cart trail fee for members (subject to change.)

Occasionally, a special membership is offered with a reduced rate on the initiation fee. This is accompanied by a contractual obligation to retain a membership for a minimum of one year.
Young Adult
For young adults ages 32 and under. Same guidelines as Individual/Family except the monthly fee is $79.50 tax included.
Student Memberships
Full-time students currently enrolled in junior high, high school or college, $318 per year, tax included.
The Board of Directors may, from time to time, initiate an assessment to the membership to generate an immediate pool of funding for a project or to meet a financial obligation. These are one-time charges that are applied to each membership equally and fairly. Every member is expected to pay their assessments. If an assessment is unusually large (over $100 per membership) the membership will be allowed to pay out the assessment over time, at no more than $100 per month over and above their normal monthly charges. Assessments are rare and are kept to a minimum.
Resigning a Membership
Any member of the club wishing to resign their membership must do so by letter in writing. Verbal resignations will not be considered valid. The letter may be delivered to the club manager/professional, or may be mailed to: Board of Directors, Choctaw Country Club, Inc., PO Box 827, Poteau, OK 74953.

A resigning member must have their account paid in full through the end of the month that he or she intends to resign. Any outstanding balance not paid by the effective resignation date will be filed with the District Attorney and collected through the courts. All resignations will be considered effective at the end of the month that they are physically received or at the end of a month in the future, specified by the letter of resignation. Resignations cannot be granted effective in a previous month unless special circumstances exist and the there is specific approval by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.
Delinquent Accounts
Members of the club are expected to pay their accounts in-full on a monthly basis. Daily Pro Shop charges will be paid before leaving each day either by cash, check or credit card. If a member's account is 60 days past due, playing privliedges are suspended and the member will be required to pay a green fee to play. If a member's account is over 90 days past due, the membership and all priviledges to the club are suspended and the membership is terminiated.

In some cases, which require board approval, the former member may reinstate their membership by paying the account in-full, plus any monthly dues and assessments that may have passed in the interim. Otherwise, the member cannot make application to the club for a period of one calendar year from the time that their membership is terminated and only then if the account has been paid in full.
Members are allowed to bring guests to the club to use the facilities. Members are expected to accompany the guest while the guest is on the grounds. Guests that are residents of LeFlore county are allowed a maximum of four (4) times per year. Out-of-county guests may accompany a member as often as they wish. It is the responsibility of the member to see that their guests observe the rules of the club. The behavior of a guest can reflect socially and financially on a member.
Voting at the Annual Membership Meeting
Each membership in good standing is allowed one vote at the Annual Membership Meeting normally held in November of each year. Members that have 30 day or over delinquent accounts are not allowed to vote. The membership votes on such issues as the election of new board members, dues changes and Bylaw changes on an annual basis. Items of critical importance to the membership as a whole may be voted on in this meeting.
Board of Directors Meetings
The Board of Directors meets regularly on the third Monday of each month, 6:00 p.m. in the clubhouse. Every member of the club is invited to attend the board meetings. Members that are not directors are expected to keep the level of noise at a minimum to allow business to be conducted by the board. Any guest of a board meeting may be removed from the meeting if their behavior becomes a hinderance to the proceedings.

If the Board of Directors initiates an Executive Session, all non-directors should leave the meeting room until such time as the board adjourns the session and returns to the regular meeting.

The meeting will be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order. Guests and observers should speak to the board only when recognized by the President and given the floor for discussion on an issue. If a member has an item of concern that should be brought before the board, the item should be placed on the agenda, at least one week before the board meeting by contacting the President.
Reciprocal Billing
Choctaw Country Club has absolutely NO reciprocal billing agreements with any other club or golf course at this time and no recriprocal billing invoices will be honored for any member of Choctaw Country Club.

For specific information contact:
Choctaw Country Club, Inc.
21723 Country Club Road, Poteau OK 74953
(918) 647-3488